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eWAT is published by
Svět a divadlo (World and Theatre)
the magazine about the world of the theatre and the theatre of the world

published by the občanskě sdružení Svět a divadlo
Celetná 17, 110 00 Praha 1
tel.: +420 224 817 180, +420 224 818 184, 

Editor-In-Chief Karel Král,
Editor Jakub Škorpil
External editors Blanka Křivánková, Radka Kunderová,Vladimír Mikulka, Ester Žantovská
Administration Jitka Králová Beránková

Svět a divadlo - SAD (World and Theatre)
magazine has been published bimonthly since 1990. Its language, editors and editorial board are bilingual, Czech and Slovak. The magazine collaborates with eminent foreign authors, largely with those from the Visegrad Four countries. Besides essays on theatre (productions, personalities, dramas, festivals), the magazine publishes drama scripts in their first Czech edition and at the same time deals with more general aesthetic, political, social or even philosophical themes, including currently texts about the conflict between globalisation and national identity, on the monumentality, on feminism. The readers of Svět a divadlo (World and Theatre) magazine include many professionals, theorists and students of the theatre in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but it is also read and subscribed to in other European and overseas countries. The aim is also to build a platform for other activities that go beyond the dimension of theatre journalism (for example scientific work or the presentation of the various national cultures, productions or plays in other countries, collaboration on festivals and/or among theatres and so on)

Published by allowance of these institutions:

Ministerstvo kultury ČR
Státní fond kultury